Abby Watkins
Consultant + Project Coordinator

Abby Watkins, a highly skilled Project Coordinator with an extensive background in agribusiness software support, contributes unique expertise to our team. A graduate of Tennessee Tech University with a B.S. in Agribusiness Management, she's uniquely qualified to understand the complexities of the agricultural sector.

Her past role as a Senior Software Support Specialist at Ever.Ag involved intensive research, on-the-spot problem-solving, and client education on software functionalities. Abby's experience identifying and replicating software issues, coupled with her specialized skills in Smartsheet Solution Support, empowers her to excel in projects requiring technical acumen.

Expertise: Agribusiness Software Support, Smartsheet Solutions, Problem-Solving, Client Education, Community Engagement

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  • Convert Excel/Google Sheets/MS Project to Smartsheet
  • Establish new sheets, reports, dashboards, metrics, and charts
  • Integrate with Smartsheet Premium Apps: Data Table, Data Shuttle, Dynamic View, Data Mesh, Pivot App
  • Set up role-based Smartsheet Work Apps
  • Replicate integrated views tailored to specific Smartsheet users
  • Duplicate project templates and sync with portfolio data

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