Our Philosophy

Project Portfolio Management ensures there’s a rhythm to the business:
ensures projects align with company strategy, allows leaders at every level to keep their finger on the pulse to minimizes surprises, to know what’s coming in, what’s the project health, what’s wrapping up, who’s available and when.
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Meet Our Founder

Michelle founded Global PMO Partners with the mission of helping companies become more efficient and transparent not just at the project management level, but also at the project portfolio level.

She is a firm believer that with the right Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, PMO leaders and executives can ensure they are working on the right portfolio of projects that align with the company’s strategic direction, have the right financial transparency, ensure there are the right human resources with capacity to deliver the projects and that once a project begins to live & breath that anyone can keep their finger on the pulse around project health and status.

Michelle believes that hiring the right consultants at GPMO with deep industry expertise– many who have sat in our client's shoes in their previous roles – is the secret sauce to what has elevated GPMO’s sought-after expertise in building solutions that matter.

Meet Our Consultants