Smartsheet: The Powerhouse You Need to Know for Your Business

As your business scales up, it's crucial to ensure that efficiency and effectiveness remain at the heart of your operations. With increasing data volumes, managing resources wisely, and maintaining seamless collaboration between teams, departments, and clients can be quite the juggling act.

Here's where Smartsheet comes into the picture—a project portfolio management (PPM) solution that is all about automation, saving your company precious time and resources. Let's take a closer look at how this powerful platform can fuel your business success.

Beyond Excel

While one may initially draw parallels with Excel, a closer look reveals that Smartsheet is so much more. Often described as "Excel on steroids," Smartsheet is all about flexibility, offering multiple customizable features within its rows and columns, including chat and detailed project progress logs. Visually similar to Excel but packed with more tools and functionality, it's your new go-to for project management.

Teamwide Collaboration

Smartsheet enables seamless collaboration within your organization and even extends it to outside users. With free licenses for external users, Smartsheet makes it easy for them to communicate, review, and add content directly within the platform.

Your All-in-one Solution

Smartsheet is your one-stop-shop that integrates and connects with many of the systems your team already uses. From important documents, timesheets, and videos to brand assets, Smartsheet houses it all, saving time and keeping crucial assets organized. Think of it as a centralized hub rather than a replacement for your current applications.

Efficient Task Management

Beyond tracking projects and tasks, Smartsheet's automated processes alert users when they need to review, make changes, and set reminders for timelines. It lets users swap manual, repetitive tasks with flexible and automated processes.

Robust Security

Smartsheet doesn't compromise on security. With enterprise-grade security controls, Smartsheet Gov caters to government departments, agencies, and partners, ensuring full compliance with specific security protocols. Holding the DOD DISA Level 4 Provisional Authorization, Smartsheet Gov is the only FedRAMP authorized collaborative work management platform for federal agencies and government contractors, giving you peace of mind regarding the security of your company's information and data.

Smartsheet is designed with your unique needs in mind, effectively addressing them regardless of the scale or scope of your business. As a Smartsheet Aligned Partner, we at Global PMO Partners are committed to helping your company reach its maximum potential while prioritizing security and cost-effectiveness. With over three decades of combined expertise in project management, we're here to assist businesses of all sizes to scale for the future.

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