You Need Effective Project Portfolio Dashboards

You Need Effective Project Portfolio Dashboards: Here's Why

Our project management optimization (PMO) process consists of four steps and an essential piece of this is curating project portfolio dashboards that will set your team up for long-term success. Not only does leveraging dashboards within Smartsheet or Airtable help you maximize your investment in the platform, but also allows you to keep a pulse on your ongoing initiatives within one streamlined source.

As the final step of our PMO process, we compile the data collected from project intake, project lists, and status reporting to create the first stage of your team’s project portfolio dashboard. This gives your stakeholders a comprehensive view of key performance indicators of your ongoing project such as budget information and project status. In short, your project portfolio dashboard is a one-stop shop for the essential details about the health and status of a given project. Building and maintaining these dashboards means more efficient communication and project management for your team overall.

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